With the exciting new coloring and texturing technologies now at work, concrete can create a cohesive look that begins with driveways and walks that coordinate with the home’s exterior, and carries through into patios and retaining walls that blend naturally with their surroundings.

Color may be added to the concrete through the use of white cement and pigments, and by the exposure of colorful aggregates. Textured finishes can be varied as desired, from a smooth polish to the roughness of gravel. Geometric patterns can be scored, stamped, rolled or inlaid into the concrete to resemble stone, brick or tile paving.

Broom Finish

a Pete's Concrete worker finishing the broom finished concrete
Another beautiful broom finished driveway by Pete's Concrete
The back of a home broom finished walkway
a freshly completed broom finished driveway and garage pad
Broom finished driveway and walkway
Broom finished walkway
A double car driveway and front walkway broom finished concrete

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate patio
Exposed Aggregate front steps and walkway
Worker finishing an exposed aggregate retaining wall
Workers cleaning an exposed aggregate driveway
Exposed aggregate driveway
Exposed aggregate walkway from front of home to the back
Exposed aggregate walkway with many steps on side of home
Exposed aggregate steps

Stamp Impression

Stamped concrete walkway
Stamped concrete back porch and walkway to front of house

California Finish

Custom Design

Retaining Walls

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